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I was listening to The Who, and it hit me that the song Behind Blue Eyes is a perfect fit for Avon.
Naturally, I searched youtube, only to find that nobody has made any such fan video. I have neither the knowledge nor means to do so.

Please, could a deviantART member with a youtube account make that video?
Okay, now that I've got season 8 out of my system, time to catch up on some fanfic reading.
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(Contains: strong language)
Ooookaaayyy. Mega meta ending, there.

I think Moffatt and some other production people need to step back a bit. There's been a bit too much fanfic in some episodes; this one a case in point.
Still pissed about the Mistress, but this was a great episode otherwise. The first and the last were great; the rest of the season- meh.


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I grew up in Vancouver, but lived in Victoria for eight years and now live on a semi rural island in Georgia Straight.
That's all I'm willing to say here for now, but you can learn more from my posts on Leaky Cauldron and The Discussion Station.

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uncle-bilbo Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Thought you might like. Colin Baker introducing the Orion spacecraft on NASA TV…
BillieMac Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Thanks.  There are a lot of other celebrity endorsements, including one from Nichelle Nicholes

I checked out the 7 minute one; the pitch with the guy from NASA. It's basically an updated version of the Apollo spacecraft, so I guess they've decided this is the most efficient type for exploration. The space shuttle seems to have been best for orbital repairs and maintenance. (Now, if they'd just get something to pick up all that clutter. Half those satellites don't even work anymore.)
uncle-bilbo Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
My theory is that Colin Baker is turning into Father Christmas. Or Richard Attenburough, more or less the same thing. Which does make me wonder what happened to Father Christmas. In the BBC production of Narnia in the late 80's, he was still Father Christmas in green. In the preview of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, he’s now Santa Claus is red. Is this part of Britain becoming more like North American because of the import of movies and TV, or just the show aiming toward an international audience? I remember when I was really young, ‘autos’ had ‘boots’ and ‘bonnets’ in movies that were already getting a little old. These days, British cars have hoods and trunks.

The Orion is the ‘return from Mars’ spacecraft. It has to have the radiation shielding to protect a crew for two years and then hit the atmosphere at least half again faster than an orbital reentry and has to have a heat shield that can take about twice as much heat. I have NasaTV on Directv and sometimes watch it while working. There were a couple of extended segments with Nichelle Nichols in a tour a couple of years ago, and Leonard Nimoy did an intro last year. Also William Shatner’s ‘wake-up call’ to Discover during its last flight…
BillieMac Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Have you ever heard of Jamie Matheson? If not, you should google him.
He's a regular attendee at V-Con (Vancouver), although he missed this year's, and is a professor (emeritus? have to ask him) at the University of British Columbia. Anyway, he's been involved in a number of private research satellites, and his lectures are interesting and entertaining.
There's just been one problem. At last year's gripe session, I suggested that he be booked for two hours, but told it's for one. Two seats away, a former student of his seconded.
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BillieMac Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
I'm not an artist- just an art fan, and I joined to gain access to the rest of "Fond Recollections".
FondRecollections Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
:wave: Hello, you! :heart:
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