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Well, I'm a bit ticked here.
Before I logged on, I saw a cute pic I wanted to comment on; Jack Skellington as the Tenth Doctor. When I logged on, it disappeared.

Another thing is- with the mature content filters off, the search gallery gets cluttered with stupid, gross porn pics and political spam that aren't even related to the category  I'm searching.
I was tagged by Carry Phoenix on this. Let's see how far it spreads.

Comment on this and I will:
1. Tell you something I learned about by looking at your DA page.
2. Tell you a color you remind me of. 
3. Tell you what element you remind me of (not just the main four) 
4. Tell you what movie, TV, or video game character you remind me of. 
5. Ask you a question, and you must answer. 
6. Tell you something I like about you. 
7. Give you a nickname. 
8. Tell you the object that is to the left of me. 
9. Dare you to post this in your journal.
Okay, you're going to see some oddly placed numbers here, which I'll need to fix. The're supposed to mark footnotes. Does anyone know how to make them smaller on Writer?  


    "Who?" Donna asked, breaking the stunned silence of Martha and Jack.
    "The Master," the Doctor said. "A criminal Time Lord."
    "But he's dead!" Martha protested. "We saw him die! You cremated his body!"
    "Yes, but he's here from a much earlier point in our timelines. Sometime between his last encounter with UNIT in
19791 when I was in my third incarnation, and about a hundred and fifty years later my time2, in my fourth incarnation, when he stole another man's body."
    "Excuse me, Doctor," Arkwright broke in, his quill now hovering motionless in the air. "Time turners have a twenty four hour range limit, so even postulating multiple jumps, there's no way Mr. Crouch is going to believe a man coming to 1975 from 1979; especially with a hundred and fifty year detour. Not to mention everything else you've just said. Can you give me one thing to convince him that the investigation should proceed as you've suggested?"
    Dumbledore plucked the quill from the air and wrote in Arkwright's notepad.
    "Proceed on my authority, Robert," he said.
    Arkwright and Weasly drank back the last mouthful in their cups and got up to leave. As Weasley opened the door, a commotion of youthful voices was heard outside, with the words 'Doctor' and 'TARDIS' clearly discernible.
    The Doctor now understood why the Ministry had pounced on them so roughly, and why Dumbledore had been summoned. It was a Hogsmeade Weekend.
    "Exactly what did you say in that patronus?" the Doctor demanded of Dumbledore. The headmaster gave his infuriating smile.
    "A man called Doctor is here from another universe, where he truly exists and we are characters in storybooks. He is here with his ship called TARDIS, and three companions."
    A boy with a Hufflepuff badge and Head Boy pin came barreling in, dragging by the hand a tall, beautiful, brown haired Slytherin Head Girl. Right behind them were a younger pair: a sprightly, ginger haired Gryffindor girl, and a Slytherin boy with lank shoulder length black hair, and black eyes that accented his expression of extreme scepticism. There was no question in the Doctor's or Martha's minds as to the identities of the students.
    "So where's the Doctor, Professor?" Ted Tonks aked. "For that matter, I don't see Ben and Polly or Jamie."
    "He's regenerated, silly," Lily Evans said, her green eyes sparkling like emeralds. "He'll be with the Brigadier, Sergeant Benton and Liz Shaw. And he's tall, with nicely styled grey hair and lovely clothes."
    "Slytherin has its fair share of muggle reared," Severus Snape said. "The first years say he's regenerated again; with a messy mop of brown curls, boggly eyes and teeth like a horse. And he's with a reporter named Sarah Jane Smith"3
    "He's regenerated again," Jack said helpfully, "and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Hi, I'm Captain Jack Harkness, and the women are Martha Jones and Donna Noble."
    Donna and Martha said "Hi," as the Doctor stood up.
    "Hello," he said, "I'm the Doctor."
    Ted and Lily stared at him in shock, then Lily ran out of the Three Broomsticks, screaming, "He's regenerated again, and he's GORGEOUS!!"
    "No argument here," Jack said cheerfully, as the Doctor crawled under the table.
    Jack picked up the Doctor's barely touched butterbeer and gracefully slid under the table beside him.
    "Drink up; you'll need it. Even you can't hide forever."
    "This stuff would only get a baby drunk," the Doctor said, and downed it in two gulps. With a sigh, he got back up and braced himself to greet his fan club, who were pouring into the Three Broomsticks at a rate that was alarming Madam Rosemerta.
    Donna looked sympathetically at Andromeda Black.
    "I don't know what they're talking about either, this 'regenerated' bit. That magic cop and those two kids were talking like he's three different men."
    Andromeda smiled. "I got an E in my Muggle Studies OWLs," she said, "so I know what television is, but I guess I should have taken the NEWT course. That covers popular culture, which this Doctor Who program is part of. Ted tried explaining it to me on the way here, but it's just too peculiar."
    "Muggle studies, owls, newt," Donna said grumpily. "Don't you start."
    "I'll explain later," Martha said. "Regeneration and Hogwarts exams."
    Dumbledore went to the Doctor's side and subtly led him to the door. The muggle reared students followed, leaving more managable numbers for Rosemerta, which was Dumbledore's intention. Andromeda got up to follow.
    "Head Girl coming through," Andromeda called out. Her authority cleared a path as she pushed her way up to Ted, Dumbledore and the Doctor. Donna, Martha and Jack followed in her wake.

    The sound of the spell, followed by angry exclamations, sent the Doctor running to the TARDIS.
Lily Evans and a Gryffindor prefect were yelling at a boy with untidy black hair. And glasses. And a cocksure attitude even when defensive.
    "What happened?" the Doctor demanded, already suspecting the answer.
    "Potter here tried breaking into your police box, sir," the prefect said.
    "Well, somebody should, Longbottom!" Potter shouted. "It doesn't belong here, and neither do these muggles. So why doesn't anyone think it's strange that they've turned up when these shrinking killings have started?"
    "Hey, we just got here this morning, kid," Jack said angrily. "That magic cop we were talking to said the killings started in September."
    "They're called aurors here, Jack," the Doctor said, "and for your information, James Potter, everybody does think it's strange. In this universe my whole life is being played out on the telly, and in our universe your children's lives have spent ten years flying off the bookstore shelves. Well, I don't mean that flying part literally."
    "My children?" James asked, suddenly interested.
    Martha replied, "He means your generation's children, James. It's not all about you."
    There was a collective. "Whooo" from the gathered students, and Potter scowled.
    "Not your whole life, Doctor," Lily said. "Just from the day you took off with Mr Chesterton and Miss Wright."
    The Doctor pulled his hand down over his face, in embarrassment.
    "Not my finest moment," he said. "I tended to be overly impulsive back then."
    "Then?" Donna said with a smirk, as she leaned against the TARDIS with her arms crossed.
    Ted broke in, "We would like to see inside the TARDIS, Doctor."
    His comment set off a flurry of pleading. The Doctor raised his hands and his voice, and passed the buck.
    "If Professor Dumbledore says you may, I can show you the console room." He turned to the headmaster. "Professor?"
    "You may," Dumbledore said, "but in an orderly line, supervised by myself and the Doctor."
    The Doctor turned his attention back to the students.
    "Two things you need to know before you go in. One: her power cells are still adjusting to magical energy, so be ready to cast Lumos charms in case of power fluctuations. Two: she's bigger--"
    "ON THE INSIDE!" they shouted in chorus.
    "Bigger than you remember, the Doctor said. "She went through a growth spurt during my seventh incarnation."4
    The students lined up outside the door, while Donna, Martha and Jack positioned themselves to prevent unauthorized exploration.
    First to enter were Ted Tonks and Andromeda Black. The pureblood Andromeda looked about the room in wonder, while the muggleborn Ted looked perplexed.
    "It's certainly- different," Ted said. "I prefer the minimalist look."
    "Ted!" Andromeda said reproachfully. "This is the Doctor's home. I think it's lovely, Doctor. Like a vast, undersea grotto, if you ignore the metal floor."
    The Doctor looked up from the console, where he was studying energy readings.
    "Thank you, Andromeda," he said with a smile.
    As students filed in, the line lost its cohesion, and they excitedly milled about. Only Dumbledore's authority kept them from pawing the console as the Doctor showed them what each of the panels did.
    "Would you like an escort, Evans?" James Potter asked. "Such a strange place, it's sure to be scary."
The Doctor looked over the heads of nearer students and saw James just outside the door, offering Lily his hand. She pushed past him with a haughty toss of her head.
    "I was always in front of the sofa," she declared. "From the age of three."5
    Ted Tonks laughed. "Good on you, Evans," he said, as Snape followed Lily with a smirk at Potter. Andromeda looked past them.
    "There you are, Sirius," she said. "Why don't you and your friends come in?"
    The Doctor watched the foursome known to Harry Potter fans as the Marauders enter. James, still suspicious, and Sirius Black tried to get into other parts of the TARDIS, hindered by Donna and Jack, while Peter Pettigrew stood aside, looking bored.
Martha waved Remus Lupin over to her and spoke to him quietly, while examining him with a penlight, a tongue depressor, and the thesoscope from her UNIT med pack.
    Dumbledore saw this, and looked at the Doctor while Martha wrapped a blood pressure gauge around Remus's bicep.
    "Full moon tonight?" the Doctor whispered to Dumbledore.
    Dumbledore nodded, as Martha put a thermometer in Remus's mouth.
    There was grumbling about the purebloods in line: what could the TARDIS mean to them?
    "Oi!" the Doctor called out. "I heard that! They might learn a thing or two, getting out of the Wizard World once in a while."
    The Doctor had been hearing other comments. The general concensus was that the muggle reared students were disappointed to not see the familiar white interior, while the wizard reared found the present naturalist decor very much to their liking.
    Frank Longbottom entered with a Hufflepuff girl he addressed as Alice. After admiring the look of the TARDIS, they walked over to Peter Pettigrew and spoke with him. With a shock, the Doctor saw that Alice and Peter closely resembled one another.6
    He leaned over to Dumbledore and asked, "Who's that girl with Frank Longbottom?"
    "Alice Pettigrew. Why?"
    "The books missed that detail," the Doctor said.
    So; if Voldemort had chosen Neville instead of Harry, the rat fink would have betrayed his sister and nephew. It also explained, the Doctor realized, how the Death Eaters could think the Longbottoms would know what had happened to Voldemort.
    Dumbledore spoke again. "Ah, I see Miss Pettigrew has decided her brother and his friends have been here long enough."
    Alice Pettigrew and Frank Longbottom were herding the  Marauders out of the TARDIS.
    The Doctor felt a tug on his sleeve, and looked to see a blonde, cross-eyed Ravenclaw boy at his shoulder. Xenophilius Lovegood was pointing at the monitor screen.
    "Who did the arithmancy?" he asked.
    The Doctor looked at the screen. "Arithmancy?"
    Mathematical figures scrolled up the screen in a recurrent pattern of block transfer calculations that looked disturbingly familiar.
    "It's really good," Xenophilius continued. "I like how you've started with the muggle equation of E=MC2, then used this block transfer computation to multiply dimensional probability infinately. No one's ever done that before. And dividing geometric space by eleven decimal places instead of the standard magical twelve or thirteen is inspired. It just naturally brings you to M=EC3. This is a mathematically excellent integration of magical and muggle.
    "Doctor, are you alright?"
    The Doctor was staring at Xenophilius. "Adric," he said in a small voice.
    He knew now why the figures looked familiar. One wall of Adric's bedroom had been practically wallpapered with them. The boy had started work on them on his first night after leaving exo-space, and puzzled over them in his spare hours. He knew they meant something, but never figured out what.
    Now, the Doctor realized what the figures meant. In the shift from E to N Space, Adric had psychically connected with the magical world, and mathematically cracked the magic code; but only a mad Ravenclaw like Xenophilius could recognize it.
    After Adric's death, the Doctor had taken the papers down and stored them in a box.
    The Doctor was brought out of his reverie by Donna snapping her fingers in his face.
    "Oi, Earth to Spaceman," she said. "The kids have all finished the tour except Einstein here, and Martha figures the shopkeepers are gonna hate us if we keep these mugglers from spending money much longer."
    Martha chuckled. "'Mugglers'. But it's true, Doctor. These Hogsmeade weekends are a major part of the local economy, and we're too much of a distraction."
    "So," Donna announced as they took him by the arms and marched him out of the TARDIS, "we are touring the shops."

    The Doctor and his companions spent the rest of the day  in and out of the shops of Hogsmeade. The make-up of students tailing them altered over the course of the first hour. The muggle reared boys gradually dwindled to a handful, replaced by girls, many of them purebloods, and many adult witches with too much time on their hands.
    Although the Doctor and Jack were the main attraction, three wizards paid flattering attention to Martha and Donna, fascinated to see two muggle women in Hogsmeade.
    While the Doctor enjoyed handling the magical products in Gambole & Jape's and Zonko's Joke shop, sampling the sweets in Honeyduke's and lunch at Madame Puddifoot's, he had more on his mind than idle shopping.
    Over lunch, he spoke quietly with Dumbledore about what the Daily Prophet was calling 'the shrinking curse killer'.
    "The Master's behavior has changed," the Doctor said. "He's always hidden the bodies before, but now he's flaunting them."
    "Ah," Dumbledore said. "An intimidation tactic. Showing us that even Lord Voldemort is helpless before him."
    "Exactly; a challenge to the Wizarding World. He's been targetting you since the incident outside the Ministry of Magic, which means he believes he can conquer you."
    The Doctor leaned back in his chair, hands behind his head.
    "The man Hagrid described looked less like a decaying corpse than the Master had before stealing the body of Tremas of Traken. He's found a way to rejuvenate himself."
    Dumbledore frowned. "Could he have made a Philosopher's Stone?"
    "Not without a sample to copy. Heard from Nicholas Flamel lately?"
    "I had tea with him yesterday," Dumbledore replied.
    Now it was the Doctor's turn to frown. "Karn, maybe. He could get in under the Sisterhood's radar; a Time Lord has done that before.
    "Still, I'd like to see Mr. Flamel tomorrow, if it's convenient; and his stone. Just scientific curiosity."
    "I'll send him an owl tonight," Dumbledore said. "My primary concern is for any danger the Master may pose to the students."
    "Oh, none at all, as long as they're on the school grounds," the Doctor said. "From what Hagrid told you, the Hogwarts technology suppression zone extends into part of the Forbidden Forest. The Master was unable to use his tissue compression eliminator outside his TARDIS; only TARDISes themselves work within the zone."
    Dumbledore asked, "Why is that?"
    "Even magic is subject to certain laws of physics, such as limitations of time and space; what muggles call the inverse square law. A TARDIS is designed to be outside those laws; that's the highest level Time Lord technology can get."
    Jack broke in, "My fully charged blaster didn't work, so we know Hogsmeade has its own supression field."
    Dumbledore sighed with relief. "Then he can't harm the students as long as none step into his trap, and they will be safe from that temptation in Hogwarts Castle."
    "And forewarned," the Doctor said. "James Potter, Severus Snape and Xenophilius Lovegood have been listening closely to this whole conversation."
    Potter and Lovegood turned to make their escape, while Snape remained defiantly seated.
    Jack nabbed Potter by the arm, but the Doctor waved the capture off dismissively.
    "Let him go, Jack. He won't be any use to us."
    As Jack released him, James Potter straightened his robe indignantly and marched out of Madam Pudifoot's, Sirius, Peter and Remus following him.
    Behind the Doctor's back, Donna whispered into Snape's ear, and Martha gave him a thumbs up.7

    At last, three o'clock rolled around, and the students piled into the carriages to return to Hogwarts. The Doctor told Donna and Martha to go with them.
    "Why?" Donna asked suspiciously.
    "I have one more person to talk to. He's dangerous, and I'd rather not risk either of you."
    "Who is it?" Martha asked uneasily. The Doctor knew she already suspected who it was. He pulled the four into a huddle and confirmed her suspicion.

1The Time Monster; Robot; Pyramids of Mars. The Doctor's third regeneration was on April 14, 1980.

2The Leisure Hive, The Keeper of Traken, Trial of a Time Lord: Episode 1. The only thing that can account for the age gap between Doctors 4 & 6 is 150 years with Romana; the only time he was with someone who would live long enough.

3The Snapes didn't have a TV, so Severus has only seen Pertwee's first season.
The first years have seen as far as the first episode of Robot, so don't know that Harry Sullivan joined the TARDIS crew.

4This may be a clue to the Doctor's true age. Internal expansion makes sense as a 1000th birthday gift to the Doctor from the TARDIS. It seems the War Doctor was also lying about his age.

5Born Jan. 30th, Lily was nearly four when Doctor Who debuted.

6Courting controversy, I know, but Lucette on and has made a good argument for her theory, and I'm going with it.

7In case you're wondering, they knew that Snape's nerve in staying put would impress the Doctor.

    It was a cold, foggy September day in London. The wizard and two witches walking down the sidewalk were down from Birmingham to argue their case, once again, before the Potions Licencing Office.
    It was such a simple request. With no affordable space available in the Wizarding High Street, they had decided to set up shop in a muggle storefront, and saw no reason to not put a muggle tea shop in front to disguise a potions dispensary; especially as any wizarding customers would like tea and bisquits as much as the next person.
    The Ministry of Magic thought differently.
    Outside the building that concealed the underground Ministry offices, a red telephone box was the only spot of colour through the fog. On reaching the box, they saw that it was now two boxes, side by side. One disguised the public entrance into the Ministry, and displayed a sign that read, "Out of Order". They stopped to look more closely.
    "Well," said one witch, "nice of the City of London to put its own in- handy for us muggleborns, but why didn't they try to take our fake one?"
    The other witch pushed the door of the new box half open and peered in, then angrily pushed it open the rest of the way.
    "There's your answer," she said. "Some joker's put this here with an extendability charm on the inside."
    The muggleborn witch took a quick peek, then announced that she was going to get someone from Misuse of Muggle Artifacts. She entered the other booth, and the concealed lift carried her down into the Ministry. The other witch and the wizard entered the extended booth and crossed to the centre of the round room, despite a growing sense of unease. The interior had a disturbingly technological appearance.
    The walls and floor were black, although three of the walls were covered with regularly placed white plates set into them, emitting light. The remaining wall had black plates.
    In the middle of the room was a hexagonal table, that stood at waist height to an average sized man, on a central column that extended through it to a height of ten feet. The top portion of the column was clear glass, with an odd sculpture inside. The table was in six sections, each sloped like a writing desk but at an exagerated angle, and covered with coloured lights and things sticking up.
    At the far wall of the room, four upright cylinders stood in a row, filled with liquid. In front of them was what looked like the back of a large chair. The witch and wizard looked at each other, and gripped their wands tightly.
    "Is anyone in here?" the wizard called out. "We've sent for someone from Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, so cursing us won't--"
    He trailed off as the chair swiveled around. Seated in it was an inferus, clad in a tattered robe, nearly all of the flesh gone from the skull. If the sight of any inferus could be called normal, this one was not; the eyes were alert and intelligent. It raised a strange wand in a skeletal hand.
    The witch screamed as a flash of clear white light burst from the wand, and the wizard was gone. Before she could utter a spell, there was another flash. Seconds later, the door to the telephone box closed, and it vanished with an odd wheezing sound.

    The muggleborn witch returned with a junior clerk from Misuse of Muggle Artefacts; an overly eager ginger by the name of Arthur Weasley. She was a bit irritated, remembering what a pest he'd been at Hogwarts. The worst part had been that he was one of the nice Gryffindors; he even spoke to Slytherins, and his friendly enthusiasm made one feel guilty for wearying of his endless barrage of questions.
    Now, however, he had only one question.
    "So, Mabel, where is this other telephone box?"
    "But- but- it was here!" she said helplessly.
    Weasley noted the sincerity in her voice and nodded.
    "Well," he said, "our prankster has obviously portkeyed or vanished it, so either way it'll turn up somewhere; hopefully disenchanted and no longer our problem.
    "I just wish," he added wistfully, "that I'd caught him"
    Weasley cast his eyes to the pavement, then suddenly went down on his knee as he spotted something; or rather, two somethings. He pulled out his wand.
    "Natura revelio," he said, and gasped at what the spell revealed. He picked up two doll-like figures, between eight and twelve inches long, of a witch and a wizard. He held them up to Mabel, who gasped.
    "B-b-but, those are poppets of my friends!"
    Weasley's voice shook as he replied, "No, Mabel, these are your friends."

    By October the weather had not improved. Indeed, only the narrowness of Knockturn Alley sheltered the furtive shoppers as they hugged the walls, a curtain of rain pouring into the middle gutter from the eaves.
    In Borgin & Burke's, Death Eater Metus Varney browsed, not looking for anything in particular, just what might catch his fancy. The vanishing cabinet was new, but that iron maiden had been there it seemed like forever. Between them was a second iron maiden, and that was new.
    The Death Eater opened it, to find it enchanted with an extendability charm. Well, that was different.
    The round room inside was a fair size, with an interesting sculpture in the middle. The Death Eater smiled. A portable private room would be a nice gift for the Dark Lord. He went inside for a better look.
    It was only as the door closed quietly behind him that Varney realized he had made a terrible mistake. A large chair at the far side of the room swivelled around, and Varney found himself face to face with an inferus in a tattered robe. The inferus pulled back its hood with a hand of rotting flesh, and the Death Eater saw bright, intelligent eyes above the traces of a genuine grin on residual lips.
    Even as Varney raised his wand to curse the horror before him, the inferus raised a strange, metalic looking wand. There was a flash of white light, the door closed, and the iron maiden vanished with an odd wheezing sound.
    Caratacus Burke, despite his advanced years, was still sharp of hearing, and he hobbled over to the spot where the sound came from. The only strange things were the sudden absence of his customer, and a curse poppet out of its proper place. It was on the floor between the vanishing cabinet and the iron maiden.
    With a frown, Burke drew his wand and Summoned the poppet into his hand. His frown deepened as he saw that the poppet was in the image of his missing Death Eater customer.

    November sleet was punishing in Hogsmeade. Death Eaters barely left the Hog's Head except to apparate home. In the alley behind the infamous public house, a Death Eater waited, huddled miserably under his thick woolen cloak. At last, a crack rent the air, and Lord Voldemort appeared. He got right to the point.
    "What is the word from Magical Law Enforcement, Barron?"
    "My Lord, there is nothing. When Burke was taken in yesterday, he told them all that he told you. He also gave them Varney's shrunken body."
    Voldemort frowned thoughtfully. "So, no closer to identifying this new curse than we are. Most distressing.
    "But come; we can think better in the warmth, with wine. I see the landlord has a new shipment in, even in this weather."
    He indicated a stack of wine kegs against the wall of the pub. Barron sighed.
    "I fear you are mistaken, my Lord. Those are all empty. All that's left inside is spirits."
    They walked past the kegs, but stopped and turned suddenly at a strange sound. The Dark lord and his servant stared, dumbfounded, as a second stack of wine kegs faded into place next to the first. This was no magic that they knew.
    "Barron," Voldemort said, "I believe we now have a clue."
    Barron clenched his jaw. He knew what the Dark Lord expected him to do. He would prefer not to, but he was of Gryffindor House, and even among Death Eaters, that carried certain expectations.
    Exploring the stack with his hands, Barron found that it was comprised of a single mass, not separate kegs; like a child's toy. A door slowly opened in the front, and he cautiously peered in.
    "There's an extendability charm inside," he said, "I'm going in."
    Barron stepped through the door, and Voldemort stood in the doorway for a look. He saw a chair at the back wall swivel slowly around, and caught a glimpse of an inferus covered in a tattered robe. From a skull covered with rotted flesh, living inteligent eyes shone. The inferus's lips parted with an evil grin as it raised its hand.
    There was a flash of light, and Barron vanished before Voldemort's startled eyes. The Dark Lord spun away from the door, the door closed, and the stack of wine kegs vanished with the same sound that had announced its arrival.
    Quickly, Voldemort strode to the spot where Barron had stood, and found a curse poppet of the man on the ground.

    December snow crunching beneath his feet was a cheery sound to Rubeus Hagrid, the groundskeeper at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It sounded like Christmas, now just two weeks away. Even the centaurs had some Christmas spirit this year, allowing their young to take lessons from Hagrid.
    Now, two young fillies stood attentively with him in the Forbidden Forest, learning how to groom a unicorn.
    "Yeh got to pay attention to what the beast is tellin' yeh," Hagrid was saying, as one filly ran a thorn comb through the unicorn's tail. "It ain't much different from groomin' yerselves, 'cept they don't use words; they just kick."
    The older filly nodded. "Mother says my flanks twitch when she pulls a snag, so she knows before I say anything."
    "Right," Hagrid said. "It's little things like that. Yeh listen to the animal with eyes and hands as well as ears."
    They looked up at a strange, wheezing sound three yards in front of them, and saw a new, mature tree appear in the forest. The unicorn bolted, and Hagrid knew why; he had heard rumours.
    "An' right now, that unicorn's sayin' 'run'."
    The fillies heeded the lesson, and ran home. Hagrid gripped the handle of his flowered pink umbrella, holding it like a wand. A door in the tree opened.
    "I ain't comin' in, whoever you are," he said. "We bin hearin' about you, an' seein' your handiwork. Even you-know-who's co-operatin'."
    A figure in a tattered robe stepped out and pulled back his hood. His face was that of a badly mummified corpse or fresh inferus, with bits of bloodied skin hanging off. A whisp of salt and pepper hair hung above lidless eye sockets, from which black eyes stared out.
    The figure raised a strange wand, and Hagrid raised his umbrella. Before he could utter a shield charm, the figure gasped, looked at his own wand, and fled into the tree, which vanished with the same sound as before.
    Hagrid stared a moment at the spot where the tree had been, then hurried up to Hogwarts Castle to report the incident to Albus Dumbledore. 
Time For A Spell
Well, here's the first chapter of my first (hopefully not last) fanfic submission on DA. It contains a cosmetic detail that I might change in an edit; we'll see. Constructive criticism will be welcomed.
This takes place in spring 1975, when the Marauder generation are in their fourth year. 
Crossovers are my favourite type to do. Anyone who's followed my activity can probably tell what the other half of this is. 
Well, I'm a bit ticked here.
Before I logged on, I saw a cute pic I wanted to comment on; Jack Skellington as the Tenth Doctor. When I logged on, it disappeared.

Another thing is- with the mature content filters off, the search gallery gets cluttered with stupid, gross porn pics and political spam that aren't even related to the category  I'm searching.


I grew up in Vancouver, but lived in Victoria for eight years and now live on a semi rural island in Georgia Straight.
That's all I'm willing to say here for now, but you can learn more from my posts on Leaky Cauldron and The Discussion Station.

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uncle-bilbo Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Thought you might like. Colin Baker introducing the Orion spacecraft on NASA TV…
BillieMac Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014
Thanks.  There are a lot of other celebrity endorsements, including one from Nichelle Nicholes

I checked out the 7 minute one; the pitch with the guy from NASA. It's basically an updated version of the Apollo spacecraft, so I guess they've decided this is the most efficient type for exploration. The space shuttle seems to have been best for orbital repairs and maintenance. (Now, if they'd just get something to pick up all that clutter. Half those satellites don't even work anymore.)
uncle-bilbo Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
My theory is that Colin Baker is turning into Father Christmas. Or Richard Attenburough, more or less the same thing. Which does make me wonder what happened to Father Christmas. In the BBC production of Narnia in the late 80's, he was still Father Christmas in green. In the preview of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, he’s now Santa Claus is red. Is this part of Britain becoming more like North American because of the import of movies and TV, or just the show aiming toward an international audience? I remember when I was really young, ‘autos’ had ‘boots’ and ‘bonnets’ in movies that were already getting a little old. These days, British cars have hoods and trunks.

The Orion is the ‘return from Mars’ spacecraft. It has to have the radiation shielding to protect a crew for two years and then hit the atmosphere at least half again faster than an orbital reentry and has to have a heat shield that can take about twice as much heat. I have NasaTV on Directv and sometimes watch it while working. There were a couple of extended segments with Nichelle Nichols in a tour a couple of years ago, and Leonard Nimoy did an intro last year. Also William Shatner’s ‘wake-up call’ to Discover during its last flight…
BillieMac Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
Have you ever heard of Jamie Matheson? If not, you should google him.
He's a regular attendee at V-Con (Vancouver), although he missed this year's, and is a professor (emeritus? have to ask him) at the University of British Columbia. Anyway, he's been involved in a number of private research satellites, and his lectures are interesting and entertaining.
There's just been one problem. At last year's gripe session, I suggested that he be booked for two hours, but told it's for one. Two seats away, a former student of his seconded.
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BillieMac Featured By Owner May 10, 2013
I'm not an artist- just an art fan, and I joined to gain access to the rest of "Fond Recollections".
FondRecollections Featured By Owner May 13, 2013
:wave: Hello, you! :heart:
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